The 5 Best Cities to Practice In

5 Fantastic Cities to Practice

As you decide where you’ll spend the next few years, you’ve asked yourself this question multiple times.  Where’s the best place to practice?  As a physician, there’s a variety of factors that come into play when you consider where the best city to live and work is.  Initially, you might think the best place to live in San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, or New York.  You’d be correct in thinking that.  All four cities boast a large population, urban centers, vibrant nightlife, and all the other stuff people look for in a new city.  However, keep in mind that all of those positive traits in those cities are actually bad for physicians.  All four cities boast high rent, a surplus of physicians and healthcare professionals, and a high cost of living.  Using various sources, all utilizing the same benchmarks, I’ve gathered a list of 5 cities physicians and other healthcare professionals need to consider when deciding where to practice.

5: Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado features all of the amenities of big cities like San Jose or New York but with less of a financial burden.  Denver is still an up and coming city with multiple neighborhoods boasting affordable living options from single-family homes to lofts.  The city also allows you to have access to Colorado’s beautiful parks and natural landmarks.  From skiing to hiking, Colorado is one of the Nation’s premier recreation spots.  Additionally, a recent influx in population has lead to a demand for physicians and other medical professionals.  With an overall low cost of living, big city amenities, and higher than average demand for physicians, be sure to give the Mile High City a chance.

Denver, CO (Image:

4: Austin, Texas

The cost of living in this hip city is continuing to rise.  However, you can still manage to find affordable space in some neighborhoods.  Austin is one of America’s hippest and most up-and-coming cities.  With a vibrant music scene, cultural sites, and fantastic food, Austin is sure to please the younger crowd of physicians and medical professionals.  Just like Denver, an influx of college educated residents has propelled the demand for physicians.  There’s also a variety of research opportunities at the cities various schools.  Be sure to check out Austin before the rent gets too high!

Austin, TN (Image:

3: Oxford, Mississippi

Mississippi might not be known for its renowned healthcare, however, there’s one city in this southern state that is attractive to physicians and other medical professionals.  Somewhat of an underserved area yet growing at quick pace, Oxford, Mississippi boasts a very low cost of living with some urban amenities.  Combined with a demand for physicians and research opportunities at The University of Mississippi, medical professionals that don’t care much for urban living are ideal for this up and coming southern city.

Oxford, MS (Image: PracticeMatch)

2: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Murfreesboro is growing at a tremendous rate.  The population of Murfreesboro has more than doubled since the 1990s.  This increase in population has fueled demand for physicians and other medical professionals.  However, Murfreesboro itself boasts little in the way of amenities, the city is located just 35 miles south of Nashville.  Tennessee is also physician friendly with low tax rates and small malpractice payouts.  Given the cities close proximity to Nashville, an increased demand for physicians, and a very low cost of living, Murfreesboro needs to be on every doctor’s list when considering where to practice.

Murfreesboro, TN (Image: Wikipedia)

1: Boise, Idaho

Boise and the state of Idaho are consistently featured as the best places for medical professionals.  Idaho has seen an influx in population increasing the demand for doctors and nurses.  The state also has a very low rate of disciplinary actions against physicians.  Not only is the city ideal for medical professionals but so is the climate.  With moderate summers and somewhat chilly winters, the weather is fairly consistent and predictable.  It’s also kid friendly according to Forbes.  Combined all of those factors with a low cost of living and you’ve got a winner!

Boise, ID (Image: PracticeMatch)


Special thanks to the sites that guided me in my research; PracticeMatch, Medscape.


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